We're at it again

 Hi Gang,   So, I had a few people over the last week or two ask me if i was going to blog again. Life buzzed by so quick this summer and honestly, I forgot about it. . So with Too Much πŸ‘πŸ‘Time on My Hands, i thought what the hell. Let's write.  After we got back up north, we set up camp in a really groovy place. Ill cover that in a separate post. I managed to go back to my former job cooking at a certian missile defense plant. Matt and I crossed paths like people do nowadays, and back to work i went. It just worked out for everyone involved. I was able to  make money to put gas in The 2112, and help out Matt by doing what i do. Cook. Foodservice is a hard business to keep workers, nevermind good workers.  Outside of the few people i kept in touch with,(Gonz, Sarge and Nicole) noone knew i was coming back.  I spent two solid weeks just laughing at peoples reactions to seeing me again. Hilarious! So thanks Matt for bringing me back into the fold. I really appreciate it, man. Had a


 As 2022 comes to a close here in about twenty minutes, i got to thinking about the past year. And what a year it has been. Last year at this time, i was just ending the corporate sponsored holiday break. Preparing myself mentally to return to a job my heart wasnt into anymore, and a career in cooking i thought was soon to be over.  I don't remember the weather, probably cold. Going though the motions. Same old thing. Who knew the wheels would be set in motion 3 months later. Today, it was 81 and we were in the pool...on New Years Eve. Gone is the holiday break, but thats ok. Sunshine,  palm trees and warm weather are the new norm. Im having an absolute blast with what im doing. I love my job and cooking again. Im just having fun.  What a difference a year makes. With that, I say so long to 22. A very good ending to a very good year.  Heres to old and new friends and family.  Thank you for all the love and support.  I love you all! And where would i be without the most important pe

Don't Feed The Gators

 Florida is a very interesting place. All of the roads here in the greater Port St. Lucie area are laid out like a grid. All right angles. Not too many winding roads like RI. Wherever we are, we seem to come across a road that can easily connect us back to the rv park. Lagre shopping plazas pop up every few miles. Everything from groceries to gambling. Churches. A number of  There's a lot of open space here. Giant fields with tons of cows. Funny thing about the cows. They are everywhere and the fields seem to go on forever.  Yet, not a barn in sight!  Where the hell do they go? More important.  Where did they come from?πŸ‘½πŸ•³ We have found a lot of cool places driving around. Getting to know our surroundings.  Picking up geocaches along the way. Great trails to beaches and ponds. Small wooden bridges over  trenches into wildlife preserves. A lot of wildlife. No gator yet. Alot of birds. Big birds! Pelicans are kind of everywhere.  And peacocks. Yes peacocks. They run wild around here


 The place is buzzing. The season is in full swing. There seems to be people everywhere.  For the last month,  Jessica and I basically had the pool all to ourselves. And we go almost every day.😁  The restaurant was busy enough to train "The New Guy". Got slammed a few nights. Lost in the weeds one Sunday morning, but overall a good start. "Just wait until we are in season. It gets fucking bananas!"  is what they would say to me on a busy day.  As October gave way to November, i started to see a number of rigs pulling in over a few days. And more sights were being filled. Large busses like ours, smaller campers, large starship looking things and everything in between. The are a number of cottages that get rented out. My mom will be in one in February I think. Its crazy how it seemed to blow up over night.  Sure enough, the restaurant has gotten  busy as they said it would. And we jam out some food.  I work mostly breakfast and lunch. Some nights. The ticket machine

Getting Settled

 At the time of this writing, i am sitting on the beach, under a palm tree. Exactly where i wanted to be. Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon, probably 85 degrees.  We have been here for two weeks now, and man am i happy we did this.  So we had a few days off together to do the unpacking.  For two people who basically got rid of most of their stuff, we still have a lot of stuff.  We put things where they will live for the time. A lot of it won't have to get packed when we go back, so thats a cool thing.  Until things start to fly while we are driving. πŸ˜„  The kitchen is small. Tiny fridge. Small pantry. Plenty of cabinet space. Not a lot of counter space, but i make it work. Jessica bought me a new grill, so ill be cooking outdoors most of the time.  The awning is out and the lights are up. It really feels like home.  We've met some cool people. Nice neighbors.  The park is just...groovy. There's a great vibe here. Very mellow. A perfect place for an aging hippie.  Oh! Let me


 Hi everybody.  Sorry I haven't posted the rest of the story.  Been very busy since we got here. So here it goes.  We ended up having neighbors in the Cracker Barrel that night. Nice older couple with this stellar van. Pretty tricked out from the looks. We talked them while another bus pulled in. I must say, rv people are very friendly.  So far, I've noticed that its a  community that helps one another. Offering advice. Just stopping to talk. Find out where people are from and where they are going.   From Cracker Barrel in north Columbia was going to be 500 miles. 10 hour drive. We gassed up, got food and away we went. Not really too eventful.  It was Saturday, so traffic was light. The drive was nice. Tires really made all the difference.  So smooth.  And we just drove. South Carolina. And drove. Georgia. And we drove.  Suddenly,  we came upon this sign that said, Welcome to Florida, The Sunshine State. We looked at each other giggled.  "Hahaha! We fucking made it, Baby!&


So, blown tire. We need new ones so tomorrow morning we will be off to the RV shop. Really nice guy, Jerry came out to help us today. Showed us that all the tires had some kind of dry rot on them. He ordered our tires and will be putting them on. So now that i have too much πŸ‘ πŸ‘ time on my hands, thought I'd write.  We spent all day just sitting around at the park. Talking to cows. Thinking how glad i was we found this flat before we hit the road. Somebody was watching.  Just relaxed all day. Im bummed we are a day behind, but the rest day was nice.  I have to take a moment here to recognize the Navagator on this magical mystery tour. Jessica has been excellent.  Calling out crazy turns or tight spots, all while being my eyes on the right. All the while being encouraging and telling me how well im doing . Occasionally telling me how i could do better, which i appreciate very much. You're the best Baby. Loves You Today we find ourselves in the absolute middle of nowhere, i mean